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I'm John Moug, or as most people call me, "Moug", host of "The Moug Show", emcee, and radio imaging producer. A Millennial with over 13 years of on-air experience in large and major markets, from Las Vegas to Denver to San Diego, even hosting a syndicated morning show out of my house at one point; old enough to relate to your coveted 25-54 year old audience, but at 33, still young enough to relate to those 18-34's. I've got experience in Top 40, Hot AC, Country and Alternative and I'm ready to take mornings on your station to the next level! Let's kick ass together in 2020! Looking for an individual to pair with your already amazing co-host? Let's do it! Looking for a package deal? I've got the greatest talents out there in my Rolodex (that's those personal phone book thingies, right?) ready to go! Currently voice tracking drive time in 5 markets daily while I'm on the hunt for a new city and a new morning opportunity!

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@johnMOUG & @MOUGshow on everything                                                                    

"Take part in your own existence" 
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